From mechatronics to electromobility

For over two decades, Eloy & Becker has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Asia and Europe within the realm of advanced mechatronics. Our comprehensive services encompass every facet of the procurement and sales lifecycle, encompassing crucial aspects such as engineering support, stringent quality control, and a seamless logistical framework that includes importation and meticulous customs clearance throughout the European Union. This integrated approach provides a streamlined and comprehensive solution for our clients.

Our track record includes a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from automotive, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, to sectors like home appliances, defense, aeronautics, as well as electrical and digital building infrastructure.

In the month of August 2023, a significant milestone was achieved as Eloy & Becker expanded its competencies to include electromobility through the strategic integration of the development team from the defunct Belgian company Powerdale

Through a strategic collaboration with the esteemed Gongniu Group, also recognized as “Bull”, a preeminent Chinese manufacturer specializing in electrical products, Eloy & Becker is actively engaged in the advancement of cutting-edge charging systems ready to define the landscape of tomorrow.


Core Expertise

Sales engineering

• Engineering support
• Representation
• Distribution
• Logistics-Warehousing (JIT)

Global Sourcing

• Global Sourcing – Low-Cost-Countries Sourcing
• Purchasing-Engineering Support
• Strategic Sourcing Consulting


Product development EVSE​ :
• Product Management​
• Hardware design​
• Embedded software development ​


Develop & supply durable top end mechatronic products


Core Values


Committed to Value & You

  • Quality

  • Expertise

  • Competitiveness

  • Reactivity
    Customer orientation


Our paramount focus is on delivering excellence in quality. Through our ongoing supplier audits and stringent quality control measures, we guarantee the exceptional quality of our products, adhering rigorously to the latest international quality standards.



Our diverse team of multinational sales engineers possesses a wealth of experience in Asian procurement markets, complemented by robust commercial acumen and a solid foundation in development engineering. Leveraging our engineering expertise, we excel in handling high-technology products and comprehensively addressing your unique requirements.



Our profound understanding of Asian markets, coupled with our exclusive partnerships with carefully selected suppliers, empowers us to ensure highly competitive pricing and efficient benchmarking.


Reactivity and Customer oriented

Instead of merely providing feedback on a company's shortcomings, we proactively offer tangible solutions that yield measurable outcomes and bring forth added technological value. Our proactive methodology, in conjunction with our established presence in the Asian market, ensures minimal lead times and exceptionally swift responsiveness. Our paramount focus resides in the fulfillment of customer needs and preferences, where we customize products and services to align with their expectations. We are steadfast in our commitment to continually enhance their overall experience.



Customers who trust us


Professional Team Members

Alain De Cat


David Baldwin


Maud Legrand

Finance & Administration

Michael Seghers

Product Manager

Luis Pedro Fernandes
Da Costa

Embedded Software Developper

Frédéric Mahiant

Embedded Software Developper

Mathieu Ocaña

Embedded Software Developper

Yousri Slama

Embedded Software Developper

Minh Luan O

Embedded Software Developper


David Baldwin

Frank Becker

Alain De Cat

David Eloy


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