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Our Distribution Services


E&B is a distributor for electronic and mechanic components and sub assemblies in the business fields like Automotive Aftermarket & OEM, Home appliances, Medical, Lighting, Aeronautics, Defence and general electric industries.

Our presence in Asia allows us to react fast on local needs. From our European locations we serve customers in Europe, Russia, America and ROW.  

The goods are imported through our own vat-free warehouse in Belgium via Antwerp harbour, which is the second largest harbour in Europe. We monitor and control the just in time supply of your different production locations throughout Europe to assure an integrated distribution management and a highly efficient logistic solution.

Logistics – Warehousing

Our logistic team groups shipments from Asia to Europe on a daily basis, which permits us to realize fast and cost-efficient transport solutions. To ensure your just in time supply we operate local security stocks in Asia and Europe. Together with our own warehouse in Belgium we provide complete logistic solutions to optimize your supply chain.

  • Sales of electronic and mechanical components and assemblies