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E&B Hall-Effect Sensors

E&B offers a wide range of Hall-Effect sensors including linear Hall-ICs, unipolar Hall-ICs, bipolar Hall-ICs and special ICs such as our popular “micropower” Hall-ICs and “zero-power” Wiegand sensors. These sensors are designed as low cost / high quality sensors by E&B and produced in cooperation with our wafer and packaging partners in Taiwan and China. Through our constant quality assurance and our state of the art production facilities, our Hall sensors are produced on the highest quality level which is proven by the extremely small PPM rates (<10) at our long term customers around the globe. In more and more applications our Hall-ICs are replacing the traditional Reed switches because of lower costs and a longer operating lifetime. Thanks to the “contactless” switching there is no mechanical abrasion at all, which makes the E&B Hall-ICs a robust solution for various applications ranging from position sensors to speed sensors and complex gear tooth sensing devices.

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