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Mission & Values

Our Mission

“To provide our european customers total sustainable solutions to minimize their total cost of ownerships and maximize their profitability.”

Our Values


Our deep knowledge of the Asian markets and our privileged relationships with selected suppliers enable us to guarantee highly competitive prices and an efficient benchmarking.


High quality is our fundamental priority. Through our continuous supplier audits and strict controls we can assure the superior quality of our products conforming to the latest international quality standards.


Our multinational team of sales engineers combines extensive experience in the Asian purchasing markets with commercial know-how and a sound background in development engineering. Due to our engineering competence we are able to deal with high technology products and to understand all your needs.


Rather than passively telling companies what they are doing wrong, we deliver direct solutions with measurable results and added technological value. Our proactive approach combined with our steady presence in Asia guarantees short lead times and ultra rapid reactivity.